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-Be nice. No name-calling, trolling, personal attacks, etc.

-Discussions of mature topics and use of profanity should be confined to the limited forums and used in limited amounts with consideration for the fact that readers may be prospective students, parents of prospective students, organizational volunteers and employees, etc. Remember that anyone with 75 posts or more on this forum will be able to read your posts in the limited forums so please be tactful and consider your own and the forum’s reputations when you post. The moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts as needed to maintain the forum’s reputation. Spamming to increase post counts is not allowed.

-We encourage the movement of diversions from original topics to new threads, but in general, threads are not required to stay strictly on topic. Please feel free to start new threads as conversations evolve.

-Opinions shared here are not representative of those of any organization.

-Information shared here is not guaranteed to be accurate; the forum is not responsible for any negative consequences of following advice or trusting information shared here. Please make decisions based on research you have performed on your own.

-Please note that posts in limited forums are not private and will be visible to anyone with over 75 posts and anyone who later reaches 75 posts. Please consider this when sharing personal information.

-Threads must be written primarily in English. Those in the foreign language forums must contain same English (sorry, Zeta rules).

-The moderators and other readers of this site are not equipped to assist in cases of mental health emergencies and accept no responsibility for any outcomes. Should any situations occur, posts threatening self-harm will be removed and the user will be encouraged go to a hospital or call their country’s emergency number or relevant hotline (suicide, domestic violence, etc.).

-Users will be warned if they break any of the above rules and may lose privileges; excessive warnings may result in being banned

-The moderators reserve the right to change these rules as needed.