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Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:48 am
Painting isn't cheap. But it's not that difficult to do yourself either. I hate to do ceilings. The rest is just time-consuming and tedious (trim). What's wrong with the walls?
The old owners who did work on the walls were putting up wallpaper right away so they weren't careful about, well, anything so there are lots of uneven spots and drips. There's also a hole in the bathroom where the old owner punched through the wall (it cracks me up because it's obvious he was sitting on the toilet when he did it). Here are a few pics:

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I have a few acquaintances (connections through volunteering at Habitat for Humanity) who may be able to help get the walls into better shape and from there I'd be willing to try painting myself if I still couldn't get a reasonable quote. I'd still rather just have it done in a day or two even if it costs some money, especially since the master bath has high ceilings and both that room and the kitchen have lots of corners and just plain difficult spots to work around. The rest of the bedrooms and the living room (that didn't have wallpaper) are straightforward enough so I'll do them on my own eventually.

I'm getting a second estimate this afternoon so hopefully it works out better.
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